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The Complete Service from identifying & evaluating, advisory, negotiation, ancillary professional introductions and, contract execution.

Luxury Real Estate Buyer's Agent Consultation


Every transaction of real estate is it's own blank canvas.


Exactly what your requirements are, your offer position, and other constraints, demand that careful consideration and advice be given in each circumstance depending on it's particulars. This is a leisurely process; it needs time to set the stage, understand exactly what successful outcome looks like, before going ahead and executing.

There is of course, a reason for this. 

We rarely know exactly what we would like until it's right in front us.

We need time to carefully evaluate opportunities presented, think carefully about each contingent decision of livability, function, location, aspect, amenity, features, value, & realizable value.

1. Preliminary Consultation;

  • Evaluation of your purchasing position, intention & expected competitiveness.

  • Advice made given consideration of these, and introduction to service cost structure.


2. Appointment as a Real Estate (Buyer's) Agent;

  • Appointment agreement comes into effect.

  • Finalisation of Client's preferred; transaction method, market, geography, price & price sensitivity, buyer competition appetite, etc.

  • Brief provided by the Client is incorporated into the agreement, contractually obliging the Agent to execute the Client's intention.


3. ​Market Analysis & Identification of opportunities;

  • Short-listing of opportunities fitting criteria, evaluation and advice offered on an immediate and forward looking basis on property specifics, and market specifics.

  • Selection of which short-listed property to purchase.

  • Offer position developed with you as the Client; pricing information and strategy developed from information in current market, client's price sensitivity & appetite for paying a "securing premium", i.e. willingness to pay a percentage more than a "reasonable market value" to secure the property today, or continue the process and see the current opportunity bought by another participant in the market.


4. Negotiation;

  • Preliminary Offer brought to relevant party, i.e. Seller's Agent, Solicitor, Vendor.

  • Either Agreement or feedback and/or Counteroffer sought upon counterparty's evaluation of Preliminary Offer.

  • Feedback or Counteroffer evaluated, advice provide on current & forward looking basis of market.

  • Election of Client to either proceed, and/or discard opportunity upon Non-Agreement with counterparty, and seek other opportunities.

  • Process continued until mutual agreement, upon advice, between Seller & Buyer.


5. Agreement of Price & Terms, & Contract Execution;

  • Relevant intermediary facilitates documentation, i.e. Seller's Agent/Buyer's Agent or Solicitor.

  • Contract Review sought between Buyer, Buyer's Agent, & Buyer's Solicitor, amendments made as required upon advice offered.

  • Final signatures provided, contract distributed amongst all parties & upon doing so Agreement Finalised.

6. Settlement Management;

  • Management of service providers & other professionals ensuring that conditions and dates are met by parties.

  • In the event that conditions are not, continued management of parties to ensure successful transaction of the property, or otherwise termination of the contract upon advice of Client.

  • Settlement occurs, transfer of Title, & successful purchase.

Buyer's Agent Transaction Methods

transaction methods

  • On-Market; Openly advertised to all market participants intending to purchase a property.

  • Pre-Market; Currently being brought to market, however, is not openly available to the public.

  • Off-Market; There is known interest of an owner to sell, however no intention to take to the open market.

  • Privately/Silently Syndicated; The property is only marketed privately to parties that have the means to purchase significant holdings discreetly.

  • Propositional; There is no known interest of the owner to sell, however, there are the means to proposition them with an offer.

Real Estate Buyer's Agents Value or Worth

Value to transaction

By engaging our Buyer's Agent service, you are able to be provided unparalleled, exclusive access to our curated list of contacts. This exclusivity is of priceless value, discretion of identity and purchase particulars can be provisioned for of course, and with this process also not bearing competition throughout the negotiation from other purchasing parties, and therefore releasing time as a main source of pressure on the purchase.

We'll develop your position as to be market ready beforehand, drawing upon our wealth of experience of observing and advising on transactions across Real Estate Markets.

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Your confidence, respect and trust is extraordinarily important, and so your details are shared in complete confidence and are not sold or distributed in any way.