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Kurt Johnston - Oceanside

A story to tell you about myself then..

Born here, but with a perspective beyond the 

horizon, and many with interests and hidden talents that will work their

way out as you and I get to know each other if only a little,

and hopefully do some business as well.

I was born here, on this beautiful little part of the Sunshine Coast, but perhaps being

born a contrarian of sorts,being out in the water covered in zinc wasn't going to be the

major part of life as it is for some characters.

I fell in love as a boy you see - with tennis, with how Roger Federer moved on a tennis court.

Thinking of a sundrenched life on the Mediterranean, hitting tennis balls and long lunches,

bore my mind away from the little painful moments growing up, and inspired me to go on and

dream for something large when it wasn't the done thing at my home.

Pursuing a tennis career and the chance to be a friend of Roger had wasn't meant for me, but the application and dedication in the approach to rise above circumstance, stayed. The pursuit of something great, and doing it beautifully in the process (surely not an unworthy reason itself) has ingrained itself upon me the way anyone that has pursued a sport, will tell you it does.

I have this with me now, it is my strongest suit; a keen willingness to understand and to master something, to perfect it - as all eccentrics do of course - with an accompanying obsession for detail, and an ever willingness to step away for a moment ,to be lent a much broader and richer perspective, otherwise missed.

If I have gotten a rye smile, a raised eyebrow or two, then what I have written here has done it's job. I promise that this is just the tip of the iceberg, I'm pretty good value in person. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Just before I go, one more thing. I'm not so sure about this "What's your why?" business. Perhaps I could say this, my want is to have a beautiful life, the same way I did as a 13 year old boy watching my hero on a tennis court all those years ago. Part of that is being financially successful, part of that is having time well spent no matter what it is I'm doing; a rosè, a coffee, with a client, a colleague, strangers of course can and do tell a good story too.


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